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From a very young age, Charles J. Allen took an interest in sports and sports betting with his friends. They always traveled together to various cities around the country to watch games in person. They felt it was the best way to support their favorite teams.

While attending these games, they would bet on their team. They always won, as they knew how to study every move of every player. So, they could determine which team would be the winner based on probabilities.

They continued to specialize, and many people would come to them for some gambling advice. Their services began to be in much greater demand, and they decided to open a blog to share more information.

That’s how Capt. Mark Wright’s blog was born. A space on the internet where people from all over the world can read about the predictions of other betting professionals. Read guides, reviews of competitions. You can also enjoy betting tips and result predictions and the possible betting trends.

Every day more and more spaces on the Internet are created to fool people. Websites where people around the world without much knowledge on the subject, are scammed. With us, you will be able to become a professional in sports betting.