Sports Betting 101 – Types of Bets, Examples, and Tips

There are many types of sports bets. Below you can read how the two most popular one’s work.

Win Bet – Moneyline Wager

In the United States, straight bet refers to betting on points. The winning bet is the most traditional way of betting on sports. It consists of choosing who will win a game or a match.


At a soccer game, you can bet your money on either one of them or bet on the tie.

Real Madrid 2.30

Barcelona 3.40

Tie 4.00

For a $100 bet, Real Madrid will give back $230 if they win. For the same bet, if Barcelona wins, they would give back $340. However, a tie between them gives back $400.

Point Spreads

Here, you bet on the player who will cover the margin. A bookmaker creates the margin. The participants will be equal to the favorites.

When you bet on a favorite in the points roll, you are betting on him to win by a margin greater than the roll size. When you bet on an underdog, you are betting on him to win or lose by a much smaller margin.


Brave Dogs will play against Black Crows in basketball.

Brave Dogs +6 -110

Black Crows -6 -110

The difference is 6 points. The +6 means that you are getting six points for the bet. The Crows, being the favorites, are subtracted.

The -110 would be the odds. They would be the same. The idea of the point spread is to make the two teams equal to the favorites. Each team has the same chance.

If you were to bet on the Dogs, you’d either win outright or only lose by less than six points. If they lose by more than eight points, you lose the bet. And if they lose by exactly six points, you get your bet back.

If you back the Crows, you win if they win by more than six points. If they lose or win by less than six, you lose the bet. And if they win by exactly six points, you get your bet back.

Remember that bets vary from region to region. Terminology can change and have different meanings. Always bet with the one you master best.