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2016 August NIRL CAM

Emily the Orlando seatrout slayer!

Emily the Orlando seatrout slayer!

It’s that time of year gang.  The redfish spawn is upon us and indeed the pre-spawn females started becoming active in mid-July.

The dirty water has so far and will likely continue to adversely affect our visibility disallowing us the advantage sight-fishing these awesome fish in their deeper reaches.  Deeper reaches doesn’t necessarily mean the channel edges, though often the breeders will use this water.

Targeting the breeders often means covering a lot of ground as sometimes they’ll move relatively shallow to chase silver mullet on the outer edges of the flats.  Sometimes they’ll attempt to trap the mullet against one of the many sandbars or spoil islands near the Intracoastal channel.

Going back to the sight-fishing comment above; though it may be tough or even impossible to distinguish the coppery red glow we associate with schooling breeders we’ll certainly have no problems seeing them as they crash into mullet schools.  Too, it’s a beautiful sight to witness dozens of fins gently breaking through the water as they rest suspended slightly below its surface!

I love tossing top-water plugs to these critters; Super Spooks, Fender Walkers and Ghost Walkers are my favorites and I like to pinch the barbs of the hooks flat.  Soft plastic lures like the eight inch Z-Man Streakz XL work extremely well with a large circle hook affixed to the lure’s nose.  This buoyant lure can walk the dog like any hard bait and no treble hooks required!