A fisherman with a mosquito lagoon redfish

Tony enjoyed a fun morning catching tailing redfish recently with Capt. Mark 

The water clarity (at least at the time I’m writing this) in the south ‘goon is surprisingly clear. In fact, visibility has been good to great for several months. I’m hoping the Mosquito is rebounding from the water quality issues of the past several years. Hopeful as I am I’m far from certain the worst is behind us.

Recent rainfall has not yet (I’m writing this in early June) spoiled our water clarity. I’m happy to say it’s been a pleasure SEEING the blue edged tails of redfish as they cruise by!

While we’re still catching good numbers of spotted seatrout on top-water plugs and soft plastic lures it’s the tailing redfish schools I’m excited over.  Tailing reds have been eagerly eating weedless rigged Z-Man EZ Shrimpz, color has not been that important!

The redfish have been on the move and just because you found plenty in your favorite spot yesterday does not mean they’ll be there today. A drastic change in wind direction or water levels may dictate the fish move to a more suitable location.

Be strategic in your search if yesterday’s fish have moved. Dropping water levels might have placed them nearby in slightly deeper water where they are happier. If a stiff breeze moved them look up-wind from your hot spot until you find sheltered water at a depth that makes them happy.