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Florida East Coast Fishing Adventures

Posts by captmarkwright

Titusville area Indian River Lagoon for mid-august

The highlight of this past week was treating my better half to an early morning fishing trip to the NIRL. We left the boat launch in near darkness and dropped off-plane a few miles away in barely twilight conditions. The water was calm and within a few minutes I spotted a pod of what I…

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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing report

Terrible weather conditions kept me off the water except for our annual Redfishpalooza tournament. This corporate event is a based on a bragging rights tournament where the combined total inches of length of one spotted seatrout and one redfish decides the victor! As the competitors of the event left the dock around seven o’clock in…

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Spacefish weekly for 9-10-2018

It’s great to be back on the poling platform and at a hundred percent too. I’ve heard all my life from my senior friends that “getting old ain’t for sissies”! As I grow older I see the truth to this basic axiom on life… We enjoyed several days on the Mosquito Lagoon this past week…

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Spacefish weekly for 7-9-2018

It’s full blown summer and the heat is on! Clients actually asked to go in early this week as they were unable to deal with sun on these very calm mornings. Now that we are in this summer weather pattern we can no longer expect a comforting breeze until late morning or early afternoon. GO…

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Spacefish weekly 5-28-2018

Poor weather forecasting caused us to reschedule or outright cancel several trips this past week. What constitutes a “poor” forecast? In my mind one that’s not even close to accurate. A poor forecast places rain & thunderstorms chances at 70% all day and then not see any rain until noon and only light rain then.…

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2018 February NIRL

The winter season is in full force. Water levels are low and water clarity is quite good in most areas. So far we’ve had a fairly cold season with at least two major cold fronts knocking the water temps into the forty degree range. The good news here is once the water temperatures rise into…

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2018  January NIRL 

Happy New Year, fisher folk! As we progress into Florida’s version of winter it will be important to adjust our fishing techniques a bit. Cooler water temps trigger a mass exodus of our remaining silver mullet schools and indeed most of our other common baitfish of the shallows. Yes, some will stick around and of…

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2017 October NIRL CAM

An orlando visitor who went fishing and caught a sea trout

Finally, October is here. When asked what my favorite time of year to fish our local waters my answer is April, May, June and OCTOBER! October is special because there is so much happening throughout central Florida. It’s simply a “fishy” time of year. Anglers can target every species of fish common to the flats…

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2017 September SML CAM

A young boy with a fresh caught redfish from the mosquito lagoon

Fishing has been generally good if not a bit sporadic this late summer and September will undoubtedly be the same. Z-Man Diezel Minnowz and Grass Kickerz have been producing well on spotted seatrout and redfish alike. Married to an appropriately sized EZ Keeperz hook these lures are user friendly and productive. A steady retrieve works…

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2017 July North Indian River Lagoon

Angler from Orlando holding a fresh caught sea trout

True summer is upon us in July and summer means hot air and hot water temperatures along with low water levels. Yes, rain will influence water levels to some degree, but only on a temporary basis. This rain driven rise and fall of summer water levels is not a tidal experience, though it’s the nearest…

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