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Florida East Coast Fishing Adventures

Posts by captmarkwright

2017 July South Mosquito Lagoon

A fisherman with a mosquito lagoon redfish

The water clarity (at least at the time I’m writing this) in the south ‘goon is surprisingly clear. In fact, visibility has been good to great for several months. I’m hoping the Mosquito is rebounding from the water quality issues of the past several years. Hopeful as I am I’m far from certain the worst…

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2017 June, North Indian River Lagoon, Titusville Fl.

A mother who went fishing for snapper

It’s exciting being able to truly sight-fish again. Water clarity has been very good over most of the Indian River Lagoon north of Titusville. Though fishing in this region was pretty much hit or miss in April and May I expect positive changes for June. Schools of fingerling silver mullet have slowly been invading this…

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2017 May NIRL CAM

A fisherman named russ who caught a sea trout out of an orlando fishing trip

As I write this forecast in early April I’m happy to report the water clarity in the Titusville region is pretty good! In many areas bottom is visible in four or five foot of depth. More importantly, we’re seeing a slight resurgence of new grass growing in the shallows! If we are lucky enough for…

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2017 April NIRL

Two orlando visitors who went fishing in the mosquito lagoon and caught black drum fish

So far this year’s fishing has been odd to say the least. The bite in the North Indian River Lagoon has been good some days and simply awful on others. While we all know this happens at times it has been more unpredictable than I’m accustom to! Even though we’re seeing and catching a few…

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2017 March NIRL CAM

A child on a family fishing trip smiling holding his fish

2017 (3) March NIRL CAM Low water levels indicative of the winter season should continue through the month of March. This factor serves to eliminate much of the real estate our predatory species often use to ambush their meals. Unless you’re wading or fishing from a kayak, canoe or micro-skiff it is often necessary to…

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2017 February NIRL CAM

Orlando visitor caught redfish in mosquito lagoon

Lower levels and cooler temperatures have certainly helped to somewhat clean the water in the Titusville area. Though it’s cleaner than in recent times, it is in no way as clear as it should be. The improved water clarity allows at least some visibility once the sun rises a bit and we’ve been targeting sand…

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2017 January NIRL

A fisherman wearing a sun mask who caught a redfish

Happy New Year, All! With the holidays behind us we should be solidly in our winter fishing patterns.  This basically means the redfish, black drum and gator seatrout roaming the shallows have switched to a crustacean diet. Don’t be fooled into thinking they won’t eat fin-fish like a mullet, mud minnow or late leaving pinfish…

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2016 October CAM NIRL

A whole family on an orlando vacation catching fish with captain mark wright

October is by far my favorite month of the year as far as fishing is concerned.  The reasons are easily understandable.  Longer and cooler nights help the air and water temperatures drop a bit offering comfort for us and the fish alike. Fall water levels rise allowing the shallow water oriented redfish to spread out…

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2016 August NIRL CAM

A girl named emily who caught a sea trout

It’s that time of year gang.  The redfish spawn is upon us and indeed the pre-spawn females started becoming active in mid-July. The dirty water has so far and will likely continue to adversely affect our visibility disallowing us the advantage sight-fishing these awesome fish in their deeper reaches.  Deeper reaches doesn’t necessarily mean the…

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2016 July North Indian River Lagoon

A fisherman named dave who was on a orlando fishing trip holding a sea trout he caught

2016 (7) July NIRL CAM Do you know how to tell its summer on the Indian River Lagoon?  The pinfish and other bait stealers chew your cut bait apart before the catfish find can it… Obviously, this is a tongue in cheek comment that happens to be a little bit true. I love using artificial…

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