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Florida East Coast Fishing Adventures

Orlando visitor, Mitch, enjoys our Titusville redfish catching!

I say again: WIND BE DAMNED… we can still knock their socks off if the angler keeps at it. Yes, some days we have more against us as fishermen than an amped-up wind generator. However, when the day is nice except for the wind a tenacious angler can catch redfish.

Mitch drove to Titusville from Orlando where he is attending a conference.  He is here on a work visa from Australia and doing a fish study in Lake Huron for Duke University. While I always love guiding a solo angler I become downright giddy when that angler is a real caster and I knew Mitch was a real caster when his first toss landed 30 feet farther from the boat than I’m used to.

A mere 15 minutes into our day Mitch draws first blood on a bottom slot redfish. It took him nearly another hour for his second. By now the wind was a steady 20 and gusting beyond.

For a while it was too windy to control the boat and we settled on soaking cut mullet on the bottom. You guessed it… CATFISH! Still, Mitch wasn’t ready to give in and we sat patiently until the wind backed off a bit.

Back at the pole I move the boat down the west shoreline towards an area I haven’t visited in a long time. It turns out I need to come here more often. Mitch stays busy for the next hour or so and lands another 6 reds and a fine trout. I can’t really say how many short bites he had or how many on-off fish avoided having their photo taken, but I’m certain it was more than we landed…

Thanks for fishing with me, Mitch; I hope we can do it again in the future!