Clay checks another species off his bucket list after boating this slot redfish on a recent trip with Capt. Mark Wright.

Poor weather forecasting caused us to reschedule or outright cancel several trips this past week. What constitutes a “poor” forecast? In my mind one that’s not even close to accurate. A poor forecast places rain & thunderstorms chances at 70% all day and then not see any rain until noon and only light rain then.
While this issue isn’t much of a problem in most professions it’s an income loser for those who rely on fishing for a living. It also hurts other services which rely on fisher-folk like bait and tackle stores and boat rental companies.
As a charter captain I much prefer meeting my clients as scheduled and making a real time decision on whether we proceed to the boat launch or make other arrangements. Too often cancelling a trip the night before results in everyone involved wishing they hadn’t been so hasty!
The three trips we actually experienced this past week were all successful in catching, though the bite was not as strong as I expected. Live shrimp under a popping float accounted for most of the fish we boated. Trout and redfish were caught on all trips, but the hardhead catfish were downright hungry. Keep this in mind when natural bait is used; the catfish are hungry and the pinfish are too.
Z-Man Diezel Minnowz in several colors are still working well, especially when fished around or through silver mullet schools. It’s a good idea to keep at least one rod rigged with a five inch Jerk Shadz as well. Often the larger profile and more erratic motion results in a bent rod!