Family fishing with the kids can be a blast and yes the girls love it too!

It’s full blown summer and the heat is on! Clients actually asked to go in early this week as they were unable to deal with sun on these very calm mornings. Now that we are in this summer weather pattern we can no longer expect a comforting breeze until late morning or early afternoon.
GO EARLY and keep the trips short. Three hour and four hour trips make the most sense to me in the summer. Leaving the dock before the sun actually rises is a sure way to enjoy fishing in comfort; if only for an hour or two. Safe light for me to see well and pilot the boat safely varies a bit. Typical factors like cloud cover and morning-glow effect will allow a thirty or forty minute before actual published sunrise starting time.
If you’re not an early bird type and can’t seem to wake early or if “work” gets in the way of your fishing, you might consider late afternoon excursions. While I seldom recommend clients’ book a summer afternoon trip it is not because the fishing is poor then. Late afternoon/early evening flats fishing trips can be wonderful, at least as long as the weather allows us the luxury of fishing this time frame. Obviously, thunderstorms are the main concern in the afternoon and I do my best to launch as close to where I intend to fish in the event we must hurry back to shore and safety!
With the kids on summer break it’s time to get them on the water for a mixed bag of trout, weakfish, ladyfish, mangrove snapper, jacks, sharks, redfish, drum and more. There is no telling what will attack our shrimp and popping float combos while casting near hard structure. Docks, bridges, seawalls, islands and rock piles are holding plenty of greedy and tasty critters right now. Grab the youngsters and give them a treat!