It’s great to be back on the poling platform and at a hundred percent too. I’ve heard all my life from my senior friends that “getting old ain’t for sissies”! As I grow older I see the truth to this basic axiom on life…
We enjoyed several days on the Mosquito Lagoon this past week and thankfully we managed to “catch” on every trip. The fishing was never easy even when the fish’s activity level was obviously high.
As we targeted shallow bays affording shelter from the breezy conditions the key component was to find thick concentrations on mullet. Wherever mullet huddled-up in mass we found trout and redfish.
Unfortunately, finding them did not necessarily equate to catching them. Often these predators slapped at our top-water plugs in a halfhearted way and when they decided to respond to subsurface soft plastic lures the bites where “short”. It becomes frustrating for us all when fish are certainly feeding and my anglers through no fault of their own are not reaping the benefits of the activity.
On Tuesday’s trip with Bob & Mary we fished strictly with artificials. My advice to try some cut mullet was overruled. Truthfully, I was happy for that decision and proud of my client’s determination to “fool” the fish and not feed them!
Thursday my clients were up front about their casting skills and actually asked for natural bait. We hopped, skipped and jumped along sheltered shorelines without much activity until the easterly wind subsided a bit. I repositioned the boat to an open water sandbar with an obvious drop-off on its windward end. This part of the bar was covered in mullet of all shapes and sizes. It’s also where Jacob caught his very top-slot redfish before the wind picked up and ran us back to shelter!
Friday I had the General Sales Manager for Westin USA operations on the bow. Barry and I go way back; back to the beginning of my guiding carrier. Along with our mutual friend, Ray, we fished several promising areas with little luck. A move of a mile or so from my first not-so-hot-spot proved to be a good decision. We all caught a fish or two during our last hour of time allotted to this excursion. Barry and Ray used a new to America soft plastic shad imitation with great results while I tossed a favorite Z-Man lure (a pearl white Minnowz rigged on a Finesse Bulletz weedless jighead)!