Florida East Coast Fishing Adventures CaptMarkWright@earthlink.net


Capt. Mark,

The attached is one of your best photo’s… I need to fish badly… You should use my story for your customers who are on the fence about fishing and the cost. You never go to your death bed wanting to have worked more, but you do wish that you could’ve fished more, traveled more, spent time with the family, etc. You only live once, so you may as well do what you want when the opprtunity presents itself. I fished a boat load and don’t regret one moment of it, even though I could’ve worked more at the time. Look at me now, wishing that I could’ve fished more or spent more time with the family etc. Memories will last forever, so do it while you can. The attached is the only picture of my Dad and I fishing together ever!

Keith Lozott