Florida East Coast Fishing Adventures CaptMarkWright@earthlink.net

Fishing The Inshore Flats

Fishing Guide Customer With Nice Black Drum Caught On Indian RiverJoin Captain Mark Wright for a fun filled day of fishing the shallow waters on the east coast of Florida. The Indian River Lagoon is “the most diverse estuary in our country”. Truly a light tackle angling adventure! You will fish in the shadows of the Kennedy Space Center near Titusville, Florida.

Imagine if you will the serenity of the placid waters, the cry of an airborne Osprey as she hunts for her meal and then… the answer of its mate. Capt. Mark is gently moving the Banshee with the push-pole, the vessel slowly gliding across the shallow flat. A ripple on the water catches the Captain’s eye: “Tail at one o’clock, sixty feet”! The angler (you perhaps) makes the perfect cast and the artificial crab gently “plops” into the water not three feet past the unsuspecting redfish. The fish is still tailing hard, diligently rooting for the shrimp or crab it’s working to extract from the grass bed. The angler inches his lure within a foot of our target and the redfish suddenly lights up! A sharp thump on the line is felt as the fish inhales the piece of plastic and the angler lowers the rod tip and tightens the line then comes up quickly with the rod and says “Fish On”. I bid you welcome; to my world and to my office!